In Memory

Day by day, the precious memories of your loved ones will fill your heart.  Day by day, the love you shared with your loved ones will help to ease the pain.  Day by day, friends who care will help fill the void caused by your loss.  
Gone but not forgotten 🌟
By Year Deceased Alphabetically


Jerry Aldridge (Zavattero) (Class Of 1964)  
Donna Anderson (Label) (Class Of 1972)  
Judy Anderson (Bender) (Class Of 1961)  
Muriel A Bradley (Class Of 1951)  
David Lewis Burrows (Class Of 1963)  
Robert Dees (Class Of 1982)  
Donna Dohn (Acosta) (Class Of 1964)  
Jerry Farmer (Class Of 1961)  
Selina Flores (Class Of 2013)  
Marilyn Fox (Blansett) (Class Of 1959)  
Leroy "Red" Gillean (Class Of 1949)  
Ken Gross (Class Of 1969)  
Dolores Gutierrez (Class Of 1959)  
Dale Hollison (Class Of 1966)  
Peggy Rae Hollison (Smith) (Class Of 1968)  
Paul Kennedy (Class Of 1947)  
Wesley Laskosky (Class Of 1956)
Elizabeth (Betty) Liebig (Harper) (Class Of 1946)  
Larry Liebig (Class Of 1967)  
Anthony Lindberg (Class Of 2010)  
June Lopez (Henke) (Class Of 1964)  
Katherine Mason (Loughead) (Class Of 1970)  
Patsy McGarva (Dickhoff) (Class Of 1953)  
James Mentink (Class Of 1946)  
Jerry Otto (Class Of 1954)  
Erskine Payne (Class Of 1957)  
Ron Price (Class Of 1964)  
Dillard Riddlesberger (Class Of 1955)  
Lois Roper ((Daniels Weigel)) (Class Of 1958)  
Kenneth Schulz (Class Of 1949)  
David Shinn (Class Of 1969)  
Norbert (Bert) Edward Stamp (Class Of 1988)  
Barbara Vetter (Pohlhammer) (Class Of 1957)  
Richard Watrous (Class Of 1962)  
Linda West (Blevins) (Class Of 1965)  
Robin Williams (Class Of 1966)  
Charles Wipfli (Class Of 1946)  
Janice Yenokida (Ono) (Class Of 1973)  

Emil Breitmaier (Class Of 1948)  
Linda Chasteen (Klipfel) (Class Of 1968)  
Diane Church (Garcia) (Class Of 1989)  
Nathanial Donnally-Kee (Class Of 2010)  
William "Bill" D Fernandes (Class Of 1959)  
Hugo Garcia (Class Of 1999)  
Ron Haddox (Class Of 1961)  
Michael Hicks (Class Of 1985)  
John Immoos (Class Of 1953)  
Frances (Fran) Marks (Nieman) (Class Of 1960)  
John Masters Jr. (Class Of 1972)  
Don McCormick (Class Of 1943)  
Nancy McEnerney (Fawcett) (Class Of 1949)  
Irene Melchert (Boyton) (Class Of 1953)  
Arthur Roa (Class Of 1971)  
Shirley Schauer (Turner) (Class Of 1952)  
John Stamp (Class Of 1968)  
Charles Stemler (Class Of 1949)  
May Belle Williams (Johnson) (Class Of 1964)  

Ray H. (Kit) Arlin (Class Of 1961)  
Ron Baroni (Class Of 1966)  
Ellen Dambacher (Class Of 1955)
Earl Flannery (Class Of 1956)  
Lucille Fleshman (Class Of 1957)  
Gary Foley (Class Of 1964)
Christopher Scott Freitas (Class Of 1984)  
Carl Donald Gribaudo (Class Of 1958)  
Clifford Hardesty (Class Of 1959)  
Sherman Hawker (Class Of 1966)  
John Heinrich (Class Of 1941)
Merry Koyama (Sasaki) (Class Of 1951)  
Norman E. Liebig (Class Of 1976)  
Martin August Pfyl Jr III (Class Of 1969)  
Phyllis Riddlesperger (Ross) (Class Of 1961)  
Monte Seibel (Class Of 1957)  
Carol Van Vliet (Harmer) (Class Of 1961)  
Jim Weathers (Class Of 1953)
Joe Wilkerson (Class Of 1959)  

Marcus Bausch (Class Of 1961)
Peter Captein (Class Of 1974)  
William R. Combs (Class Of 1960)  
Jeff Gross (Class Of 1974)  
Kendra Gross (Pope) (Class Of 1997)
Ruth M Gross (Johnson) (Class Of 1942)
Louis Heinrich (Class Of 1936)
Jerrald Jardine (Class Of 1966)  
Robert M Johnson (Class Of 1941)
Eugene Maple (Class Of 1968)  
Carl Nelson (Class Of 1959)
Ray Plumlee (Class Of 1959)
Donald Prachar (Class Of 1954)
Gary Rausser (Class Of 1964)
Melba Fae Templeton (Meadows) (Class Of 1963)  

Leslie "Scoop" Dixon (Class Of 1947)  
Wally Erich (Class Of 1946)  
Stanton (Stan) Froehlich (Class Of 1965)  
Susan Kohnke Lund (Class Of 1964)
Beverely Little Weigel (Class Of 1964)
Jearld Wayne Parker (Class Of 1958)  
Sonya Stancil (Stirm) (Class Of 1958)  

Norman Garcia (Class Of 1957)  
Oleta Lafferry (Thompson Sr. ) (Class Of 1959)  
Mary Genevieve Lopes (Class Of 1952)  
Richard John Maberto, Sr. (Class Of 1972)  
Ruth Schmidt (Class Of 1945)  
Jack Strange (Class Of 1955)  
Lee Ellen Welch (Class Of 1955)  

Ada Barber (Class Of 1929)  
Rodney Bradley (Class Of 1966)  
Ronald J Casado (Class Of 1955)  
Gerald (Ron) Drake (Class Of 1959)  
Evelyn Huggins (Class Of 1957)  
Lorraine Jaymot (Johnson) (Class Of 1949)  
Michael D (Mikee) Landers (Class Of 1973)
Robert Vernon Ratlief (Class Of 1955)  
Martha Seibel (Schmierer) (Class Of 1949)  

Dennis Anderson (Class Of 1964)
Patricia Barber (Scholz) (Class Of 1961)  
Ernest Cain (Class Of 1957)  
Marian Cass (Class Of 1965)  
Ernest L. Dixon (Class Of 1944)  
Kurt Frey (Class Of 1964)
William (Bill) Harmer (Class Of 1963)  
John Hill (Class Of 1972)
Edwin Steele (Class Of 1958)  
Don Walker (Class Of 1958)  
Noel Weathers (Class Of 1964)

George L. Barber (Class Of 1953)  
Laurence (Larry) Dwain Brookins (Class Of 1966)  
Fred Brooksher (Class Of 1964)
Roy Erich (Class Of 1939)  
Ann Elizabeth Erman (Class Of 1957)  
Amanda Klemm (Class Of 2008)  
Kathy McDonald (Class Of 1964)
Brenda McKeehan (Kerkman) (Class Of 1967)
Robert Townsend (Class Of 1957)  

Dolly Boyd (Class Of 1945)  
Wesley Erich (Class Of 1975)  
Adolph Lahman (Class Of 1933)  
Donna Martin (Class Of 1958)  

Linda Ballesteros (Cruz) (Class Of 1968)
Ken Bauer (Class Of 1958)  
Dale Bennett (Class Of 1969)  
Margaret (Peggy) Kelley (Class Of 1958)  
Marian "Desiree" Mattice (Class Of 1958)  
Theresa Ratola (Biscacia) (Class Of 1956)  

Phillip Sherman Barber (Class Of 1935)  
Ronald L. Breese (Class Of 1963)  
Ray Davis (Class Of 1994)  
Thomas Mackey (Class Of 1958)  
Don Ost (Class Of 1958)  
Rodney Parker (Class Of 1953)  
Joseph P. Sanders (Class Of 1997)  

Donald Betz (Class Of 1956)  
Ron (Keith) O'Hara (Class Of 1958)  
Todd Riddlesperger (Class Of 1981)  
Robert Thompson (Class Of 1958)  

James H. Barber, Jr. (Class Of 1959)  
Robert Warne Dixon (Class Of 1944)  
John Erich (Class Of 1959)  
Norma Huether (Class Of 1956)  

David Paul Cameron III (Class Of 1955)  
Angela Goldman Bothwell (Class Of 1964)
Jimmy Taylor (Class Of 1964)

Falles Farhat (Class Of 1956)  
Bill House (Class Of 1964)
Emil Robert Steiner (Class Of 1948)  

James Arlin (Class Of 1957)  
Palmera Garcia (Ross) (Class Of 1959)  
William Mori (Class Of 1943)  
Marcia Lea Quashnick (Class Of 1957)  
Sandra Sayers (Class Of 1956)  
Albert "Dick" Steiner (Class Of 1948)  

Evalena "Eileen" Strange (Class Of 1956)  

Howard Combs (Class Of 1958)  
Allen Jewell (Class Of 1955)  
Russell Miller (Class Of 1957)  
Richard Welsh (Class Of 1958)  

Robert Leland Barber (Class Of 1936)  
Sherri Tuttle Lee (Class Of 1964)
Jerri Wahl (Class Of 1956)  
Jean Weinrich (Class Of 1958)  

Elizabeth Denier (Class Of 1958)  
Vernetta Heinrich (Rosen) (Class Of 1959)  

Rosellen Maestretti (Class Of 1955)  

Roberta Nichols (Dixon) (Class Of 1923)  
Steven Perry (Class Of 1968)
R. Tom Wahl (Class Of 1957)  

Frederick Immoos (Class Of 1963)  
Beverly Johnson (Class Of 1956)  
Adolph Melhaff (Class Of 1954)  
Charles "Lynn" Nelson (Class Of 1956)  

Judy Henson (Class Of 1959)  
William "Bill" House (Class Of 1957)  

John Milburn (Class Of 1958)  

Robert Tipling (Class Of 1956)  

Gordon Senner (Class Of 1954)  

Roger Barr (Class Of 1961)

Gerald (Jerry) L. Cowley (Class Of 1970)  
Robert Trueman (Class Of 1955)  

Nancy Jacobson (Class Of 1964)

James H. Barber (Class Of 1922)  

Cheryl Lewis (Class Of 1964)

Gustav Gerling (Class Of 1922)

Patrick Kelley (Class Of 1964)

Bobby Joe Teague (Class Of 1955)  

Helen Barber (Class Of 1919)  

Sharon Fox (Class Of 1964)

Bette Betz (Kempf) (Class Of 1957)  

Bonnie Schauer (Class Of 1964)

Guy Ingram (Class Of 1955)  

Edward Lodell Barber (Class Of 1925)  

Linda Aguilar (Class Of 1967)
Maxine Aldridge (Class Of 1958)
Harold Anderson (Class Of 1969)
Louise Anderson (Class Of 1961)
Paul Barber (Class Of 1920)  
Ron Baumback (Class Of 1967)
Glenna Bender (Garrett) (Class Of 1966)
Edgar L Billups (Class Of 1948)
Bill Bottimore (Class Of 1958)
Faye Bowles (Class Of 1961)
Bob Boyd (Class Of 1953)
Sharon Cinquini (Salas) (Class Of 1967)  
Cecil Conway (Class Of 1961)
Don Cox (Class Of 1969)
Harold (Hal) Cox (Class Of 1953)
Sid Crawford (Class Of 1968)
George Dambacher (Class Of 1961)
Bob Davis (Class Of 1968)
Dennis Deprist (Class Of 1961)
Peter DeWitte (Class Of 1969)
Chris Diede (Class Of 1967)
Clinton Disch (Class Of 1962)
Edward Edera (Class Of 1949)  
Bill Farren (Class Of 1961)  
Doyle Flory (Class Of 1962)
Harold Flory (Class Of 1968)
Don Frasier (Class Of 1966)
Dale Gerardy (Class Of 1968)
Steven Gillis (Class Of 1967)
John (J. B. ) Girard (Class Of 1953)
Robert Guerin (Class Of 1968)
Della Hammon (Cowles) (Class Of 1966)
Linda Hardage (Clems) (Class Of 1967)
Mary Harper (Bauer) (Class Of 1946)
Gary Harrison (Class Of 1967)
Louie Harrison (Class Of 1961)
Richard Hatton (Class Of 1966)
Shirley Hauschildt (Class Of 1966)
Sharon Hessler (Garrett) (Class Of 1967)
David Holloway (Class Of 1964)
William Huggins (Class Of 1968)
Carol Jacobson (Class Of 1961)
Cindy Jacobson (Class Of 1966)
Maurice Jeffries Jr (Class Of 1962)
Larry E Jenkins (Class Of 1962)
Oscar Keesee (Class Of 1966)
Margaret Kelley (Class Of 1958)
Kathleen Kelly (Lewis) (Class Of 1961)
Ronald Kidd (Class Of 1957)
Bernice Kiem (Class Of 1958)
Bill Laird (Class Of 1939)
John Lanza (Class Of 1966)
Dorothy LeCompte (Fay) (Class Of 1969)
Constance Linneman (Frazier) (Class Of 1954)
Joy Listini (Class Of 1961)
Nathan Loll (Class Of 1966)
Ruth Ann McCallister (Hayden) (Class Of 1961)
Linda McGuire (Class Of 1968)
Donna Mertz (Moore) (Class Of 1958)
Isabel Molina (Class Of 1961)
Sue Mollring (Class Of 1961)
Tom Moon (Class Of 1974)
Wayne Moyer (Class Of 1967)
Ray Mozingo (Class Of 1967)
Elsie Nelson (Schulz) (Class Of 1947)
Jerry Nelson (Class Of 1968)
Tom Nevins (Class Of 1969)  
James O'Conner (Class Of 1958)
Duane Palmer (Class Of 1968)
Jose Pantoja (Class Of 1967)
Duane Papeke (Class Of 1967)
Rodney Pellandini (Class Of 1967)
Edna Mae Peters (Class Of 1941)
Susan Peters (Class Of 1966)
Russell Pinkham (Class Of 1961)
Delmar Plath (Class Of 1958)
Abel Porras (Class Of 1994)  
Darrell Probest (Class Of 1958)
Don Probest (Class Of 1958)
Steve Pullen (Class Of 1968)
Mario Ramos (Class Of 1968)
Paul Rasmussen (Class Of 1961)
Lila Reich (Class Of 1967)
Lola Reich (Class Of 1967)
Charlie Rice (Class Of 1969)
Alan Robbins (Class Of 1965)
Vesta A Sartini (Nunez) (Class Of 1962)  
Fred Schlotthauer (Class Of 1962)
Edwina Schmier (Harrison) (Class Of 1961)
Wanda K Schmier (Roberts) (Class Of 1962)
Rodney Schubert (Class Of 1964)
William Schulz (Class Of 1954)
John Sessions (Class Of 1966)
Donna Sexton (Griffin) (Class Of 1968)
Bill Shelley (Class Of 1961)
Anthony Silva (Class Of 1961)
Carol Silva (Class Of 1966)
Sandra Simoni (Leach) (Class Of 1962)
Stan Simpson (Class Of 1967)
Lee Smith (Class Of 1959)
Wayne L Smith (Class Of 1967)
Wayne L Smith (Class Of 1960)
Marjorie Smoot (Ellsbury) (Class Of 1945)
John Snider (Class Of 1962)
Mike Sullivan (Class Of 1968)
Patricia Sundeen (Class Of 1967)
Larry Teal (Class Of 1961)
Ronna Thomas (McClain) (Class Of 1967)
Ron Thompson (Class Of 1969)
Sue Thompson (Class Of 1961)
Charles Thornburg (Class Of 1969)
Hayden Thornburg (Class Of 1969)
Linda Tucker (Weber) (Class Of 1966)
Ronald Ullrich (Class Of 1967)
Casey Van Egmond (Class Of 1969)
Barbara Vass (Weber) (Class Of 1960)
Larry Weber (Class Of 1966)
Walter Wegat Sr (Class Of 1969)
Mary Weible (Class Of 1964)
Don Wharton (Class Of 1968)
Madeline Wheeler (Class Of 1969)
Tim Whittemore (Class Of 1968)
James Wilder (Class Of 1961)
Lochie Wilder (Paige) (Class Of 1962)
Rodney Wiley (Class Of 1966)
Ron Williamson (Class Of 1961)
Don Young (Class Of 1958)

Eugenia "Genie" Lippi (Olson)  
James Frank Nunes  

James Gentry  
Ruth M. Johnson  
Eugene Nunez  
Lee Roberts

Orvell Fletcher  

Ronald Dameron  

Dorothea (Dirks)  

Allen Gray  
Lawrence Littleton  

Harold W. Fuller  

Don F. Nottoli  

Chuck Fowler  

William Owen  
Emil Stigelmeyer  

Benjamin Selover  

Rufus Posey  

Emil Zweigle  

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